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Self Evaluation for Sexual Addiction





Answer yes or no as it applies to yourself or your partner.

​1. Have you had sexual behaviors that you wish you could stop?


​2. Do you feel abnormally driven by your sexual drive?


​3. Have you been in relationships just for sex?


​4. Has masturbation been ongoing even after marriage?​


5. Has the use of pornography been ongoing even after being in a long term committed sexual relationship?


​6. Does your sexuality seem to be dragging down your personal potential?​


7. Do you find that you spend a significant amount of time online, viewing pornography or grooming others for sexual encounters?


​8. Have you experienced an unwanted sexual encounter during childhood or adolescence?


​9. Has monogamous sex grown to be boring?​



To score yourself give yourself one point for each yes and read the below recommendations.​


1-3 points: It does not seem that you are presently an active sexual addict.

​4-6 points: It seems that you may be struggling in the area of sexual addiction. Your first step would be to gather further information. If your behavior continues, consider going to a 12-Step Support group listed on our website. If you feel you need to discuss this with a counselor, call to schedule a free assessment and/or a counseling appointment at (719) 203-7442.


​7-9 points: You are likely sexually addicted. It's recommended that: 1. You gather more information. 2. Go to a support group as soon as possible. 3. Seek professional help. Counseling is available at Stone Bridge Counseling Center by calling (719) 203-7442.



Answer yes or no as it applies to yourself or your partner.


​1. Do you withhold love from your partner?​


2. Do you withhold praise or appreciation from your partner?​


3. Are you controlling with silence or anger?


​4. Do you have ongoing or ungrounded criticism of your partner that causes isolation?


​5. Do you withhold sex from your partner?​


6. Do you have an unwillingness or inability to discuss feelings with your partner?


​7. Do you stay so busy that there is no relational time for your partner?


​8. Do you make problems or issues about your partner instead of owning your own issues?


​9. Are you controlling or shaming of your partner regarding money issues?



If you answered "yes" to more than 5 questions above, it may indicate the presence of sexual anorexia. We recommended you gather more information, attend a support group as soon as possible, and seek professional help. Counseling is available by calling Stone Bridge Counseling Center at (719) 203-7442.​

Self Evaluation for Intimacy Anorexia




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