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Assessment (Initial Counseling Session)

$75.00 per session (45-50 minutes)

A personalized initial assessment is a valuable tool which allows the client to share a history and the therapist to recommend a course of treatment unique to the client.

Individual/Couples/ Family Counseling Session

$75.00 per session (45-50 minutes)

Counseling sessions can be comprised of one person or multiple people ages 13 and above. Couples Counseling can consist of engaged couples preparing for marriage, married couples seeking to enrich their marriage or those who are in the midst of crisis. Family counseling can include teens, and extended family as desired.

Group Counseling Session

$20.00 per session (45-50 minutes)

Based on client population at any given time, group counseling sessions may be available. If you are a candidate for group counseling, it will generally be recommended to you, however, in addition, please indicate your interest to your therapist for further information.

Phone Counseling

$75.00 per phone session (45-50 minutes)

Phone Counseling can be helpful either between sessions as needed for an additional resource or for those who desire to continue counseling after an intensive but who live out of town.  If the initial session is done by phone, an assessment and recommendation for follow up will be provided by phone.

3-Day / 5-Day Marriage Intensives

Call for pricing

Sometimes a series of brief intensive counseling sessions over a series of 3 or 5 days can be helpful to allow for progress in therapy over the shortest period of time. Couples often find that dedicating a period of time to focus on the therapeutic process in an intensive manner, while distractions are minimized and time has been set aside for this purpose alone, is a valuable investment of time. Marriage intensives are customized based on initial phone consultation but include 4-5 daily counseling sessions plus therapeutic assignments outside of session.

Therapeutic Polygraph Examination

Call for pricing & to determine suitability

Polygraph examinations are helpful when there is a question in a spouse's mind as to whether there are secrets in the marriage or to prove that there are no secrets. Assurance of full disclosure is an important part of the healing process and can assist in restoring trust in the marital relationship. 

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Cash or VISA/ Mastercard/Discover/AMEX are accepted.  Insurance billing must be done privately by the client and is not offered by Stone Bridge Counseling Center as a provided service.  Cancellations must be made at least 24 business hours in advance to avoid a charge for the session.

Marriage Intensives
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